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Opportunities for Students

Graduate students can join the lab through the programs in Molecular Biology or Biological Chemistry. We welcome rotation students.

About The Kay Lab

Our lab, located in the University of Utah School of Medicine Biochemistry Department, studies the mechanism of enveloped viral entry (particularly in HIV and Ebola) and uses this information to develop inhibitors that prevent or treat infection. We specialize in developing protease-resistant D-peptide inhibitors of viral entry. Through a collaboration with a local pharmaceutical company, Navigen, we hope to develop our D-peptide inhibitors as effective human therapeutics.

The Kay Lab is also interested in developing chemical and computational tools to break the barriers of solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), allowing larger and more complex chemically synthesized peptides to be prepared for our drug discovery efforts. Ultimately, we hope to tackle this obstacle biologically by assembling a mirror-image in vitro translation apparatus (D-ribosome) and eventually a mirror-image organism (“D. coli”).

University of Utah, Department of Biochemistry, 15 N Medical Drive East RM 4100, Salt Lake City, UT 84112-5650 USA

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