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Opportunities for Students

Graduate students can join the lab through the programs in Molecular Biology or Biological Chemistry. We welcome rotation students.


Research from the Kay Lab is published in leading scientific journals. Below are some of our more recent papers. Our complete list is also available.

Universal ebola mirror-image drug target


Breakthrough in the production of active mirror-image proteins


Protease-resistant peptide design: Empowering nature’s fragile warriors 2012 Biopolymers


Membrane Localized D-peptide Inhibitors of HIV Entry 2012 Bioconjugate Chem.



The Kay Lab is dedicated to finding ways to combat HIV infection and other life threatening diseases. Our research sheds light on the mechanisms of enveloped viral entry and its inhibition. Through a collaboration with a local pharmaceutical company, Navigen, we hope to translate our research into the development of effective human therapeutics.

The Kay Lab is also interested in breaking the barriers of SPPS to create larger and more complex chemically synthesized peptides. Ultimately, we hope to tackle this obstacle biologically by assembling a mirror-image in vitro translation apparatus (D-ribosome) and eventually a mirror-image organism (“D. coli”).

Inhibiting Ebola Entry

The D. coli Project

D-peptide Inhibitors of HIV Entry

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